Latest Projects

Eagle Burgmann India Ltd

The EagleBurgmann Group has been operating highly successfully for many years throughout the world, providing products and services in the sphere of industrial sealing technology for diverse sectors of industry. Fiscal 2011 at EagleBurgmann was marked by a sharp upward trend in new orders during the first half-year, after which the incoming order volume stabilized at a high level. Sales rose by 10.9 percent to EUR 752.8 (previous year: 678.7) million, with overseas sales and sales in Germany respectively accounting for 83.7 and 16.3 percent of that amount.

Super Proof engineering

SUPER PROOF is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of world-class Mechanical Seal for Pumps, Compressors, Agitators, Mixers and Reactors. We manufacture mechanical seal according to international standards and also conforms to EN 12756 (DIN 24960) and ISO 3069 with same design and fittings. We have computer aided design facility for designing and developing mechanical seal of interest to our customers. SUPER PROOF feels its strength especially in fields where specific innovative solutions for sealing with mechanical seal systems are demanded.